A place you must visit in Galicia

Welcome to the south of Galicia, a place surrounded by nature, tradition and magic. Welcome to a destination not yet very well-known, where the tourist is a visitor andthe local become very soon a friend. Welcome to the romantic rain that makes possible a landscape so green and leaves room to rainbows that in many occasions color the sky with incredible pastel tones. Welcome to a traditional seafaring life where the sea is blessed with the best fish and shellfish, and where the land strengthens the vineyards to produce our beloved white wine that makes us feel  proud and why not happier…..

Barcos mejillonerosFesta do viño Vilaboa

We live exactly in an area called O Morrazo, a peninsula situated in the heart of Rías Baixas, made up of the villages of Bueu, Moaña, Cangas, Marín and  Vilaboa, all characterized by its variety of white sandy beaches that have always been a hideaway for tourists and visitors. In  the main, these towns are fishing towns whose inhabitants have been directly or indirectly linked to various maritime trades.

Puestea de sol en O FachoCalas de agua cristalina y arena blanca

O Morrazo and the surrounding area offer a variety of attractions which are well worth a visit: excellent gastronomy, lighthouses and headlands, indoor marketplaces and market squares, canning factorieswatermillsnet makersfishermen, and shellfish gatherers, definitely people with an individual and unique character that has been marked by the saltpeter. In short, the perfect place for travelers to enjoy throughout the year.

Berberechos de MoañaPescador reparando redes

If you are a foodie, this is your spot, ideal for a tapas tour, be ready to taste our famous seafood products. We feed our visitors well and most of the restaurants offer free tapas with a drink. On the contrary, if  what you are looking for the latest trendy restaurants, we can list you a few, those awarded with the so called Michelin Star.

Pescado de Pepe Solla Plato de Rafa Centeno

But without any doubt, what the visitors have always pointed as a remarkable experience is the opportunity to establish a close relationship with the locals, being able to participate with them in their daily tasks, spending time with the artisans net workers, identifying the different kinds of clams with the shellfish gatherers, trying to plant potatoes, participating in the grape harvest or just collecting corn.

 Cortando el pulpo para la empanadaVendimia

Our destination is definitely a genuine place to visit on foot or by bike and discover those hiding locations between crosses and old stones, plenty of antique legends, where we meet and celebrate almost everything, not without a good deal of homemade wine and food, while we dance at the rhythm of the Galician bagpipes.

Burro en DonónFiestas de Darbo

Have you been here before? What do you as a visitor recommend?



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